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 We are glad that we are given by you the chance to offer you a quick virtual tour through the website of PoliRental. At our website at:, ypu can find information about our products and the services we offer, through the most effective and the most modern service network that we have. 


PR, is a new company that is active in the field of car rentals and scooters. The company has a perfectly trained stuff with specialized knowledge in the field of massive and Private or V.I.P. transportations.


 Having as a goal the coverage of the needs of our clients, as well as the bussinessmen that visit the city of Thessaloniki, we have high standards car fleet, and numerous services that will help the tourist or bussinessman make his transportation and visit to Thessaloniki - Greece more comfort - efficient.

PR, within it's services, includeσ special personell that is operative 24hrs , with purpose to serve and cover the needs of the clients.


PR team is ready and willing to offer you it's services, anytime and anywhere you desire.

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