According to this car lease contract, the company “POLIRENTAL" hereinafter called the “Lessor Company" leases the car, which is described in the present, under the following terms and conditions, as well as the terms stated on recto, which the Leasee fully and without reservation accepts.


The car is handed over to the Leasee in a generally good condition and without defects. It is specifically underlined that when picking up the car, the Leasee ought to check and repon any reservation concerning the car's good condition otherwise it is considered that the Leasee accepted the car unreservedly.

The Leasee ought to return the car back to the Company in the condition in which the Leasee took it at the specified, by this contract, place and time with all the accompanying documents, tools and accessories of the car.

In any case that is contrary to what was agreed on picking up and dropping off, the driver or any other person included in the present contract is obliged to pay to the Company, except the agreed rent for the standard use of the car, also a compensation for any loss that will burden the Company.

The Company reserves the right to retrieve the possession and the use of the car at any time, without prior notice and on the Leasee’s expenses, provided that it is ascertained that the car was used or is being used, in contravention of the terms of this contract or the provisions in force, contrary to good faith and custom of merchants or in any illegal and criminally culpable way.



One day (24 hours). After the lapse of 29 minutes from the completion of the 24-hour rental, there will be a charge of one more day.



The Leasee is obliged to take good care of the car, to control its mechanical condition, the oil and water level, tires, etc and use it with good faith and prudence. Any repair or maintenance of the car by the Leasee or any other third person is forbidden, without the previous approval by the company. Any change of the rented car is specifically forbidden. The Leasee, the driver or any other person declared in this agreement ought to evidently inform the Company, in time, for any change or event concerning the car. The minimum age of the driver must be at least the 21st year of age. The driver must hold a driver's license for at least one year.

The rented vehicle is allowed to be used only for every legal use and it is explicitly forbidden to be used (indicative referral of the following cases):

-by any third person, without the Lessor's prior approval and without including this person's data in the written contract,

-charging the transport of persons or objects,

-towing or trailing other vehicles or objects,

transporting or moving heavy luggage, inflammable materials, dirty or malodorous objects, drugs or other illegal substances, illegal immigrants, etc.,

-in speed races.

-subleasing the rented car to third persons,

-when the driver is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbitones or other substances, which affect the driver's ability to drive and the driver’s senses.

-outside the Greek territory; concerning the exit of the car outside Greece, the Leasee or the driver ought to inform the Lessor Company and acquire the company’s prior written approval,

-The loading of the car on vessels, without the previous written approval of the Lessor Company.

The infringer of these terms is jointly liable and in whole with the Leasee, the driver and any other person that is declared in this contract. Any violation of the terms of the present agreement consists of a reason for a) the termination of the lease due to the Leasee's liability, b) the loss of any paid guarantee and c) claim for any further compensation.



In case of loss or damage of the care, the Leasee, the driver or any other person declared in this agreement is obliged to pay the value of any arisen damages and costs (losses, loss of earning, etc), if the Leasee, driver or any other person stated in this agreement violated the terms of the present or other essential provisions or insurance regulations, intentionally or by negligence. The Lessor Company will be entitled to claim, except the sum of the lease and those of the arisen damages and expenses, a further daily compensation, as a penalty, equal to 0 120, till the car is handed over and received by the Lessor Company or, otherwise, (e.g. in case of loss) till it is fully compensated.

The Leasee, the driver or any other person that is included in this contract is not liable for any loss or damage of the car due to fire or theft (except if these were caused by his acts or omissions). Similarly, he is not liable for any loss or damage caused by any collision, if he has abided to all the terms of this contract and has accepted a mixed insurance on the beginning of the lease, by signing the respective point of the contract concerning insurance, with the indication “I accept" (see insurances). If the Leasee does not accept a mixed insurance, the liability burdens all of them in whole. Similarly, all of them are liable in whole for any other damages that are not covered by the policy.



The payer (or otherwise the leasee) will pay to the Lessor Company on the termination of the lease unless it was otherwise agreed the following sums:

1 .All the daily charges, based on the prices that were agreed for the lease and are indicated in the present.

  1. Any taxes, dues and other expenses that burden this lease.
  2. Any expense of the Lessor Company, including legal expenses, attorney's fees and late interests, due to the out of date payment of any sums arising from the present.

Any pecuniary penalties, fines and other expenses that were imposed or will be imposed to the Lessor Company, due to violations during the use of the car, unless the Lessor Company is liable for these violations.

In the latter case, the

  1. Leasee, the driver or any other person included in the contract will continue to be liable for any illegal actions.
  2. Any sum that will be required for the repair of a mechanical damage or damage of the car body, as well as the replacement of worn tires.
  3. Any provided discounts will be cancelled, if the payment of the account is not carried out in due time.
  4. The difference of the gas between the quantity that remains in the car and that of the gas indicator on the beginning of the lease at the gas price at that time, as indicated on recto.



If the Leasee wishes the extension of the car lease, the Leasee is obliged to notify evidently the Lessor Company 24 hours before the end of the lease, in order to receive the relevant approval. If the Leasee fails to do this, he has the civil and penal liability for the illegal use and possession of the car.

In case of an extension, all the parties are bound by the terms and conditions of the original contract, as well as the extension, either it concerns the same car or any other car replacing the previous one.



  1. The Lessor Company provides a bond before third persons, only for those persons who use the car after the company's approval, through the insurance contract, the terms of which were chosen by the Leasee and are fully accepted by the Leasee.
  2. The Leasee, the driver and the other passengers of the car are not covered by an insurance policy, unless the Leasee accepts an insurance of personal accidents on the beginning of the lease, signing the point “I accept”, on the recto, where all the relevant terms that he previously read and fully accepted are stated,
  3. Any luggage and any other objects owned by the Leasee, the driver and the other passengers of the car are not covered by any insurance and the Lessor Company does not bear any liability for any loss, damage, etc. LIABILITY

The Lessor Company is exclusively liable for any loss or damage that will affect the Leasee, the driver or any other party, in this contract, during the lease, provided that these were caused intentionally or to serious negligence of the Lessor Company, concerning the mechanical situation of the car. In any other case, the Lessor Company is not liable and no claim can be demanded against the Lessor Company.



In case of accident or any other event (fire, theft, loss of car, etc.) the Leasee, the driver or any other person included in this contract is obliged, immediately and timely, to proceed to the following procedure within 24 hours:

  1. To notify the police.
  2. To notify the Lessor Company by phone or any other mean, immediately after the event.
  3. To note down names and addresses of those who were involved, eyewitnesses or any relevant information from any person.
  4. Not to recognize any claims by third persons.
  5. To complete and sign an accident declaration
  6. To send any document or information, relevant to the accident, to the Lessor Company.

In case that the above procedure is not followed, the Leasee is liable for any damage that the Lessor Company will be burdened with.



By reason of the lease, the Lessor Company has in its disposal all the elements of the Leasee, the driver and any other person that is included in this contract, which the Lessor Company may use in the case that any of the parties violates the terms of the present contract.



The car belongs to the Lessor Company. The present is the only lease contract signed by the two parties. The Leasee is in no case the representative of the Lessor Company. The Leasee recognizes and accepts that he does not acquire any rights, besides those indicated in this contract.

During the lease, the Leasee, the driver, the payer, any other person included in this contract, as well as any other passenger that is not included in the present are jointly liable and in whole

Similarly, in case of lease by a representative, the representative and the person being represented are jointly liable and in whole.This contract prevails over any other written or oral agreement between the parties.

The Lessor Company cannot waive, by law and by this contract, from any of its rights arising therefrom. JURISDICTION

Any difference that will arise from this contract, between the Lessor Company and the Leasee, the payer, the driver or any other third person included in the present, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts nf Thessaloniki


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